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My courses
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Communication Law
Public Opinion, Propaganda, and Mass Media
Comparative Politics
Political Economy of Mass Communication
Media Criticism
Political Philosophy
World Politics / International Relations

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The New York Review of Books
Foreign Affairs
Open Society Foundations

Richard Dawkins Foundation
Science Magazine

Read The Economist

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My three new books (well, not that new anymore):

Of Chances and Choices

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Biographical note

Mariusz teaches communication, media, and politics at California State University. He authored three books and more than 300 news and magazine articles. 

In the late 1970s he studied philosophy at Warsaw University, Poland, published an underground political journal "Yes, but" and worked as reporter and program editor for Polish Radio Broadcasting

1991-94 Served as a Los Angeles foreign correspondent for Gazeta Wyborcza (the largest daily in Poland). After 1994 continued writing for Poland's media as a free-lance reporter and commentator.

1977... in college... filming and drinking a lot of cheap wine, a Bohemian Life

1987 in Paris